What is Pelsotec?

Pelsotec GmbH is the proud owner of fitCompass.

OK, so whats fitCompass?

fitCompass.ch is a marketplace where you can compare and book fitness activities with trainers and coaches, for your body or your mind, anytime and anywhere, home or gym, face-to-face or online, one-on-one or in a group.

Sounds cool, but is that all you do?

Yep, pretty much. It is our heart and soul.

I checked out fitCompass, it rocks! What if I need a similar online marketplace of my own? Can you develop it for me?

We are happy that you like the fitCompass platform. Our company was formed with the mere purpose of bringing the fitCompass concept to life, but we might also do other stuff in the future, so just send us an inquiry and we will be in touch.

So why don’t you call the company fitCompass then?

To confuse you. No… just kidding 🙂

The answer is simple. We formed Pelsotec before finding the name fitCompass for our marketplace, a name that we like, a name that expresses what we want to achieve – having a place online that, just like a guide, connects fitness enthusiasts with physical and mental health experts.

Now that we cleared this,

how about doing something for your health right away

by booking an activity with a trainer?

Go to fitCompass >